Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When Jeffy Met Sierra

Katie and Sasha came to meet the dude at the dog park and mini Moby without a tail...We got something to eat first, and arrived at the dog park before 6ish. At first it was just Jeffy and his owner, and us... pretty much. Then people started arriving and we met so many others... new heights were reached literally, when the treats came out and all the dogs made it up the ramp, including the wuss Moby. Then Sierra arrived, and no other dog mattered to Jeffy, it was love at first sight.
Jeffy and and his owner were pretty damn cool, but still no dude... More and more dogs showed up, and Sasha said, enough of this, I'm staying away from them and claiming my bench! So it was time to go... and still no dude. There was a black Honda there, but not the right one I suppose.
New dog names names learned: Jeffy, Sierra, Patton, Star, Roscoe, Sheamus, and still no name for Moby without a tail.
To be continued tomorrow before Zumba, with maybe special guest Michelle.

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