Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Ring to Rule Them All

So both dudes were there last night... and Jeffy's owner definitely had a wedding ring on. And the other dude went and sat with some chick who's definitely much bigger than me and not attractive... what's a girl gotta do to get his attention? I guess he knew her already. It's time to get more aggressive.
Turns out there's another person with a Black Honda Civic... not cool, man, not cool. Got all excited when I got there, for nothing. Luckily, the right one ending up showing up soon after. Phew.
Round 17 tonight. (yes, 17 is a random number).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Put a Fork in Me, I'm done

Ok, not really, not giving up just yet... another no show tonight. It's a completely different group every night it seems. I even got there earlier this time, I guess that didn't do the trick. Apparently this soccer player the dog is named after is pretty damn famous, Gugu suggested I start learning about soccer... this should be interesting.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Too Late

Ash was in town and we left the restaurant later than planned so I didn't get to the dog park til about 6:15. As I pulled in to the lot, there was the black Honda Civic. And yep, the dude and Mini Moby without a tail were there... Unfortunately, I was too late, he was on his way out... but no fear, I did get the dog's name: Zidane. Now tell me you would know it if he told you the dog's name? What kind of name is that?
Also, got a call from Katie, she's pretty sure Jeffy's owner had a ring. TBD.
Shall try again tomorrow, a little before 6.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strike 3

Another failed visit to the dog park... and not even Jeffy was there when I got there. Stayed til about 6:30 since Moby decided he wanted to hump Beans and fight him over who could get on the other first... to the point of mutual humping, not pretty. On the way out Moby decided he didn't want to get in car, and decided to lay down on the gravel. While I was trying to get him in the car, Jeffy pulls up! YEY! His owner came over and said: "I'm Sean (or Shawn?) btw" and I told him my name and we talked a little. I told him I'd be back probably Sunday. Could this be a new dude to keep an eye out for? Who knows...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When Jeffy Met Sierra

Katie and Sasha came to meet the dude at the dog park and mini Moby without a tail...We got something to eat first, and arrived at the dog park before 6ish. At first it was just Jeffy and his owner, and us... pretty much. Then people started arriving and we met so many others... new heights were reached literally, when the treats came out and all the dogs made it up the ramp, including the wuss Moby. Then Sierra arrived, and no other dog mattered to Jeffy, it was love at first sight.
Jeffy and and his owner were pretty damn cool, but still no dude... More and more dogs showed up, and Sasha said, enough of this, I'm staying away from them and claiming my bench! So it was time to go... and still no dude. There was a black Honda there, but not the right one I suppose.
New dog names names learned: Jeffy, Sierra, Patton, Star, Roscoe, Sheamus, and still no name for Moby without a tail.
To be continued tomorrow before Zumba, with maybe special guest Michelle.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again, Another Day

Finally got out of bed and dressed for the first time since Sunday... it was cloudy but not raining. Figured since he seems to go every day, maybe the rain would not keep him from the park. Once again, I was wrong about this guy.
Got to the dog park a little before 6, there were some people there, and actually talked to all of them. Then another guy came and everyone else left. So it was just the two us, and Moby and Albert. (So easy to learn all the dogs' names, except for the only one I should know!) We talked for a bit and then Albert and his owner left.. I waited for a little bit and then figured he wasn't coming. Does this mean he really is gay and therefore doesn't want to get wet? TBD.
Katie and I will visit tomorrow... good luck to us.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Smith (I mean, Stevens)

While I was at Michelle's for book club, Elaine and Denny took Moby to the dog park. At first no sign of "little Moby with no tail". Then suddenly I receive a picture, it's definitely the dude and his dog. Kinda freaky how much he looks like Tim, I guess it makes sense though.

The following is a synopsis of Elaine's data gathering:
1) no words exchanged
2) no ring on finger (from where she was sitting)
3) drives a black Honda Civic (so I'm pretty sure I'm either color-blind or the worst detective ever) Elaine jotted down the license plate #, but that's a little too stalker-ish for me.
4) we now know that he arrives on Sundays at around 6 (2 Sundays in a row is a trend, right?)

Assuming the rain stops by this afternoon, dog park at 6pm it is.