Friday, May 14, 2010


As I was getting ready to take a shower and make myself presentable for the dog park, but not too much, mind you, since our first conversation involved me saying I was covered in dirt from playing with the dogs and the dude telling me that he learned quick not to wear nice clothes... (needless to say, I'm not gonna be that girl that wears a dress to the dog park), ANYWAY, Jeff called to ask if I wanted to play tennis... this was a tough decision... I had already jogged my insane 20 minutes just an hour earlier, and this would get in the way of the dog park visit, but I still decided to go... good thing too, it started to pour around 6:20 (which is about when I would've gone to spot the man) so all's well that ends well. Thinking about going tomorrow morning, but I don't know his Saturday schedule so it might be a waste of time. (Crap, it's supposed to be about Moby right? Oh well... I guess I'm going.)

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