Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again, Another Day

Finally got out of bed and dressed for the first time since Sunday... it was cloudy but not raining. Figured since he seems to go every day, maybe the rain would not keep him from the park. Once again, I was wrong about this guy.
Got to the dog park a little before 6, there were some people there, and actually talked to all of them. Then another guy came and everyone else left. So it was just the two us, and Moby and Albert. (So easy to learn all the dogs' names, except for the only one I should know!) We talked for a bit and then Albert and his owner left.. I waited for a little bit and then figured he wasn't coming. Does this mean he really is gay and therefore doesn't want to get wet? TBD.
Katie and I will visit tomorrow... good luck to us.

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