Monday, May 24, 2010

Too Late

Ash was in town and we left the restaurant later than planned so I didn't get to the dog park til about 6:15. As I pulled in to the lot, there was the black Honda Civic. And yep, the dude and Mini Moby without a tail were there... Unfortunately, I was too late, he was on his way out... but no fear, I did get the dog's name: Zidane. Now tell me you would know it if he told you the dog's name? What kind of name is that?
Also, got a call from Katie, she's pretty sure Jeffy's owner had a ring. TBD.
Shall try again tomorrow, a little before 6.


  1. Im pretty sure that the dogs name refers to the french soccer player, the most famous one actually ... so i would learn soccer facts quick!

  2. haha I know, gotta work on that.