Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 2

Couldn't get back to the dog park til Sunday night, didn't see his red car there. I guess he doesn't come every day. Since it technically should be about Moby, I still went in. What do you know, he's there... maybe all my memories from day 1 were off cuz he now drives a grey car, or maybe he has more than one. Elaine told me to check for a ring, I didn't... oops! I talked to him and said hi to his dog, Jack. Strike 2, his dog is not Jack, it's something else and he said it twice and I still have no idea what his name is. He left soon after, so I still know nothing about this guy. For all I know, he could be gay.
Goals for next time:
1) Learn dog's name.
2) Check for ring.
3) Actually talk about more than dogs...

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