Monday, May 17, 2010

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Smith (I mean, Stevens)

While I was at Michelle's for book club, Elaine and Denny took Moby to the dog park. At first no sign of "little Moby with no tail". Then suddenly I receive a picture, it's definitely the dude and his dog. Kinda freaky how much he looks like Tim, I guess it makes sense though.

The following is a synopsis of Elaine's data gathering:
1) no words exchanged
2) no ring on finger (from where she was sitting)
3) drives a black Honda Civic (so I'm pretty sure I'm either color-blind or the worst detective ever) Elaine jotted down the license plate #, but that's a little too stalker-ish for me.
4) we now know that he arrives on Sundays at around 6 (2 Sundays in a row is a trend, right?)

Assuming the rain stops by this afternoon, dog park at 6pm it is.

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