Saturday, May 15, 2010


Went by for about 15 minutes this morning... Wore normal clothes, wore my hear down and wore make up... all for nothing! The dude was not there, so we know that his Saturday routine does not include going to the dog park at 11:30 AM. I did run into Bobby's friend Todd and his dog Rocky, cutest boxer ever! And Elaine got her wish, there was a pug there, Guiness, and I'm surprised she didn't steal it... how come it took me 2 seconds to learn the pug's name, but I still after various attempts have no idea what "mini-Moby without a tail's" name is. That will be his name in future updates until the true name is finally revealed. Tomorrow is book club, so my Sunday night visit might not work... GRRR! I guess until Monday it is.


  1. Rocky..the cutest boxer ever?! What about your nephew Tito??!!!

  2. He's super friendly and dog park ready, the day Tito does that, he can take top spot.